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Here we showcase customer success stories. These are customers who have capitalized on the rapid development cycle and reliable back-end of our toolset to cut their implementation time and cost to a fraction of those using the traditional development methods.

If you are an existing developer and would like to see your implementation featured in this section, please contact our webmaster at webmaster@okstream.com.

Featured site: WoozyFly.com

WoozyFly.com chose the OKStream engine as the back-end platform for their innovative independent music community. This allowed the site to get on-line in record short period and be prepared from the get go to service its fast growing community. By choosing our high-availability scalable delivery system and single point of integration approach, WoozyFly.com achieved a rapid development application life cycle and low cost of entry into the challenging market of mass media delivery.

Here is what Jonathan Bomser, CEO of WoozyFly.com had to say in a recent conversation with us:

... OKStream's technical capabilities far surpass our expectations. Their servers are perfectly maintained with no downtime. Their content delivery is flawless and their transcoding is probably the best in the world. As a long time customer of Razorstream with an extensive video network, woozyfly.com could not be happier.

Application partner showcase: FirstStream.com

FirstStream.com opted for the OKStream application factory to enable its video communication platform targeting small and medium size businesses. This freed time and resources on their team to focus on the marketing and business development side of the operation.

Melissa Placek, Director of Corporate Development:

... OKStream’s ability to seamlessly integrate video into our FirstStream Studio product has propelled this business communication platform to a whole new level. We couldn’t be more pleased with regards to the technology, its stability and ease of use, as well as the high level of professionalism, enthusiasm and dedication continually provided by their team.
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