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Have a Great Idea? We Can Make It Happen!

The quality of your implementation and the strength of your infrastructure can make or break your company, especially if your business model relies heavily on technology products and services. From a management perspective, infrastructure is often a substantial area of risk, a drain on existing technical resources, and represents an unpredictable ongoing expense. And maintaining an in-house development team can be a burden many companies can't afford. Few resources depreciate as rapidly as server hardware; and the expenses incurred from code maintenance, feature enhancement, security audits and licensing can throw even the best planned budgets awry.


OKStream.com managed solutions are designed to streamline the efforts of your existing staff and provide a predictable monthly rate for your technology expenses; that means no massive capital expenditure for product development, no upfront investment in highly-scalable hardware, no specialized staff recruitment and training, and no unplanned expenses you didn’t budget for. The end result is that your IT department will have more time to focus on core-business activities, you will face less operational risk, and you’ll have some of the best specialists in the area working for you.


If you have a great idea for a new business or would like to offer additional products or services to your existing customer base, we offer the ability to deploy, customize and run a custom-labeled, "shrink-wrapped" version of any of our application modules. For a small fraction of the cost you would incur for developing the application in-house, you get the ability to add a new feature or set of features to your already existing web properties and extend your revenue stream. How about offering video email capabilities to all your existing customers? Or maybe add our On-line Studio Suite which allows your members to broadcast live on your web site, maintain their own video blogs, video podcasts and share their videos and music with each other? We provide the overall system design and implementation, all the accompanying project management services to ensure the successful implementation and we even run the system for you with all the benefits of our state-of-the-art data center and systems crew.

Hosting Services

OKStream.com provides hosting services for all active developer accounts in order to ensure the best viewing experience for their clients without incurring infrastructure expense. You develop the application, we host it for you along with all your audio/video content.


Our dedicated data center, complete with fully redundant connections and power is the perfect home for your video-enabled applications. Our hosting plans are highly-flexible and are based on your actual business model and usage profile. You can fine-tune the hosting plan to best fit your data structure and your application requirements. This allows you to avoid paying for services that you might never need.


Our service plans are designed with the fast growing company in mind. You can change your commitment level as your business grows. Thus you don't need to deal with the high cost of acquiring and provisioning spare capacity during the incubation period of your business. With our ability to scale with the growth of your usage, you will never be caught off guard or become a victim of your own success.

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